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BlastPass FAQ


What is RFID?

Does my event need internet connectivity to use BlastPass?

What other infrastructure is needed for RFID technology?

Does BlastPass supply RFID wristbands? Are there alternatives?


How do my vendors get their money after customers pay with cashless?

Does every vendor have to rent a device to scan the wristbands?

How are my vendors trained on using the system?

Can my vendors opt out of using the wristbands if they would prefer to take cash?

Does my carnival provider have to be on board to use the system?

Can a vendor see sales they have logged for the day in real-time?


How do my customers open their account?

How do guests claim a refund of unused funds after my event?

Do we have to give a refund for the unused funds?

How can we manage alcohol service?

How much can each customer spend with their card or wristband?

How do guests get cards or wristbands for advance purchases (ie, online tickets)?

Do guests need more than one card or wristband to get an admission ticket vs. midway sales vs. Food & Beverage sales?

What happens if a guest loses their BlastPass card or wristband?

What happens when a guest changes their mind about their order after it’s already been placed?


What if something goes wrong at my event?

What support is available if I choose BlastPass for my event?


How do I see how much money my event is making through BlastPass?

Can I see reconciliation information per individual seller of BlastPass credits?

Is BlastPass reporting real-time?

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