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Increase Your Revenue With BlastPass

More events than ever are turning to cashless systems for record-breaking revenue, real-time reporting and reduced guest transaction times.

BlastPass is a cashless RFID wristband or card that grants guests access to certain entrances or areas and acts as an electronic wallet at your event, without the hassle of using a credit card, cash or tokens. Unlike other solutions, BlastPass can be run without loads of expensive equipment, and it doesn’t even require an internet connection!

Why Use BlastPass?

  • Increase revenue by 30%
  • Receive real-time reporting data on sales, customer spend, gate monitoring and more
  • Reduce transaction times & long lines
  • Run the system completely offline – no internet connection required
  • Refill wristbands and cards at multiple stations so your guests never run out of credits
  • Manage alcohol services by flagging underage customers
  • Refund unused credits after event ends
  • Enjoy unlimited training & support

Carefree Customer Experience

Create a seamless, stress-free experience for event-goers. With BlastPass, guests pre-purchase their loaded wristbands or cards along with fixed-price items like gate admission and concerts in one online transaction. This way, customers spend less time in line and more time on food and fun. This means a more care-free experience for you and your customers.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain complete insight into your event. With BlastPass, you get comprehensive, real-time reporting from anytime, anywhere using your WiFi-connected desktop or mobile device. Reporting offers complete access to what every vendor has sold, event capacity updates and more.

Extreme Reliability - Even Without Internet

Saffire’s cashless system is unique in that BlastPass can be used 100% offline. We know that downtime during your event is not an option. Our system can operate without an internet connection, so payments always go through without a hitch.

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