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How Clay County Fair Learned the True Value of A Trusted Ticketing Partnership.

Saffire jumped to help Clay County Fair take control of their box office and get more people in the gate.

Clay County Fair is a historic agricultural fair in Northeast Florida drawing over 250,000 attendees from around the state to Green Cove Springs to enjoy food, entertainment and education. Almost entirely volunteer-based, the Clay County Fair strives to be the showcase for the county's agricultural, educational, civic and commercial interest.



In 2019 Clay County Fair needed help - and fast! It was opening day of their fair and their existing ticketing provider couldn't generate a single ticket - and the provider blamed the fair, telling them it was their own problem to fix. Tasha Hyder, the General Manager, immediately called Saffire to see how quickly SaffireTix could be mobilized. Clay County Fair finished their existing contract, then happily signed with Saffire.


That opening day fiasco didn't leave Tasha feeling like a valued partner. She wasn't able to sell tickets through her system, but was shouldering the blame for the old ticketing company's issues. Her operations team visited a fair supported by a different ticketing company, and talked to volunteers at the gate and in the office where they quickly understood the value of reliable support and an attentive, invested ticketing partner.


After a tough 2019, Clay County Fair had to cancel their 2020 event, the year after signing on with Saffire. With a new ticketing partner and the effects of a global pandemic still in play, Tasha knew she needed fresh momentum to build excitement, and draw people back to Clay County Fair!



With their beautiful Saffire website, Clay County Fair was able to seamlessly integrate a ticketing purchase experience that customers could easily navigate. SaffireTix enabled them to easily sell tickets online, sell advanced printed hard tickets, and better manage their office.

The Saffire Coaching Team

Clay County Fair immediately had the best support team in the industry. Not only did they have access to unlimited support via phone, email, and chat, they could also take advantage of fun and professional on-site support.

Saffire's Strategic Partners

Clay County Fair was able to leverage Saffire's partnership with Noise New Media, investing in their sales-focused digital marketing program, to capture new customers along with traditional fans and lead them directly to the point of checkout.


Since Switching to SaffireTix, Clay County Fair is thrilled to have a reliable and motivated ticketing partner who is easy and fun to work with.

A Word

"Saffire has my back! What I love about them is they are quick to help and find solutions, even when it's not their fault or problem! Saffire is a valued partner in every sense of the word.

My previous ticketing agency was never available for support, onsite help or even simple phone questions. It was so frustrating that we couldn't ever get a representative to answer a call and it was obvious they didn't value as a customer. This meant I was spending lots of valuable time trying to solve problems and issues I didn't create and had no expertise in fixing, all while neglecting all my other duties in running a fair.

Saffire's easy-to-use back end provides me with reporting that is so much easier than anything we've ever experienced and we're very happy with it. Overall, it's super easy to work with Saffire, and they are just so invested in my fair's success. I can feel their creativity and partnership and they support me in every way imaginable!"

- Tasha Hyder, General Manager

Future Plans

After hugely successful fairs in 2021 and 2022 with Saffire, Clay County Fair is looking forward to continuing the growth of their event. Because Tasha knows Saffire has her back with unbeatable support, she can focus on creating a fun and educational fair for the families in Northeast Florida.

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