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Ticketing Software Built for Haunts

Seamless, Integrated Ticketing

Ticketing for Haunts

Custom Ticket Types

Sell the type of tickets you want, when you want, where you want. SaffireTix® integrates three points of sale into one simple system for a streamlined box office. We want you to feel confident in how you're selling tickets so you have access to all the features we've fine-tuned over years of development and client input. Manage your haunt easily with timed entry, too!

Safe and Secure

If you’ve ever experienced long lines, you know first-hand the importance of advance sales. Saffire allows your customers to buy online in a secure, branded shopping cart directly from your own site's URL. With a robust and encrypted shopping cart system and new Fraud Tools, we keep you, your money, and your information safe.


✓ Barcode Scanning
✓ Print-At-Home
✓ Timed Entry
✓ Parking Management
✓ Fraud Prevention
✓ Email Marketing
✓ Mobile Box Office
✓ Coupons & Promo Codes
✓ Brand Management
✓ Unbeatable Support
✓ Website Management
✓ Reserved Seating
✓ Season Passes
✓ Group Packages
✓ Real-Time Reports

Robust Reporting: Instant Analytics

SaffireTix offers a cutting-edge solution for haunted houses, delivering seamless ticketing experiences alongside robust reporting functionalities.

Our platform provides comprehensive and real-time reporting that is accessible from anywhere at any time. With live reporting, you'll always have immediate access to sales and redemption data, empowering you to make informed decisions on the go.

Easily analyze items sold or redeemed, and break them down by individual items or item categories. Filter data effortlessly based on sales or redemption location, specific date, and time parameters, gaining valuable insights into your audience's preferences to enhance future event planning.

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