Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Saffire proudly partners with hundreds of events, venues and destinations to build intuitive and enticing websites, enhance brands, or to sell tickets to any event you choose.
Saffire Events
We’ve worked with many large corporate clients over the past 20 years,but since partnering with our first event, we’ve been in love with the industry. Putting everything into just a few days a year isn’t for everyone. But we thrive on the pressure, right along with our clients.

Saffire gives events a beautiful, intuitive, enticing virtual front door that makes people excited to attend. And since you don’t have time to wait for a web guy to constantly update your content, Saffire makes it amazingly easy to manage your site and get reports when and where you need.

Saffire supports world-class events with:
  • Beautiful websites filled with interactivity
  • Effortless content management
  • Mountains of sponsorship love, featuring specialized placement throughout your website
  • Ability to take payments from customers, vendors, sponsors and more
  • Ongoing software updates so your site is always on top of trends
  • Total integration with SaffireTix, combining online sales, advance sales and gate sales in one handy system for reserved seating or general admission
Saffire Venues
Marketing venues takes momentum. Events are held at venues, and all our event clients started telling their venues they had to partner with us. While we love the adrenaline of marketing annual events, we are addicted to the bang for buck a venue gets from using Saffire year round!

With Saffire, your venue's digital presence is stunning and integrates mobile, social, ecommerce, email, and an app if you need it. We know you live and die by your event calendar, and ours is the best in the business. Its interactivity easily allows your customers to share events, save them to their Outlook calendars, or build their own itinerary of things to do at your venue.

Here’s how you can rock your venue with Saffire:
  • Complete and integrated ticketing solutions with SaffireTix
  • A beautiful, interactive website that breaks down your events for customers
  • Effortless content management
  • Increased facility rental with sweeping image galleries and enticing lead forms
  • Lots of sponsor promotion opportunities, even for individual events
  • The ability for renters to upload their own event info, which you approve
  • Ongoing software updates so your site is always on top of trends
Saffire Destinations
Starting off in the event and venue industry, we quickly learned that the Saffire platform not only works well for putting butts in seats, but also heads in beds!

Saffire can speak tourism and we know each destination has a unique story to tell. We also understand that your website is your destination’s virtual front door and first impressions are everything.

Here's how we partner with some of the most exciting destinations across the country to help visitors dream the dream online:
  • Complete event ticketing integration with SaffireTix
  • Professional logo and branding services from some of the best in the business
  • Market your local businesses to give people reason to visit, allowing your businesses to edit their own entries on your site
  • Keep visitors engaged with a sharable, up-to-the moment interactive event calendar
  • Reach visitors on-the-go with a fully responsive website and ticketing platform
  • Integrated social media on steroids throughout your online experience

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