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Event Ticketing With SaffireTix®

Sell Tickets Online And Offline With The Industry’s Best Fully-Integrated Event Ticketing Software

Fully Integrated Event Ticketing Software

Multiple Points of Sale in One Integrated Platform

Sell the type of tickets you want, when you want, where you want. SaffireTix® event ticketing software integrates three points of sale into one simple ticket sales and management system for a streamlined box office. We want you to feel confident in how you're selling tickets, so you have access to all the features we've fine-tuned over years of development and client input.

Fully Customizable Seating Chart Creator

Regardless of the size or layout of your seating arrangement, SaffireTix offers the ability to create custom, individual seating charts and ticket types allowing full customization of each event's offering. Event-goers will have the ability to select their preferred seats in advance, and setting up a seating map with our ticketing team is a breeze.

Advance Online Ticket Sales Made Simple

If you’ve ever experienced a rain-out, you know first-hand the importance of advance sales. Saffire allows your customers to buy tickets online in a secure, branded shopping cart directly from your own site's URL. With a robust and encrypted shopping cart system, we guarantee a safe and trustworthy online transaction process for your event ticket sales.

Event Ticketing Analytics & Real-Time Reporting

SaffireTix empowers event managers to make data-driven decisions through comprehensive and real-time reporting accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Our event ticketing reporting is live, so you will always have sales and redemption data right at your fingertips. With SaffireTix, you have the ability to view and analyze items sold or redeemed, and break them down by individual items as well as item categories.

On-Demand, Filterable Ticket Sales Data for Informed Event Management

It's easy to filter data based on sales or redemption location and specific date and time parameters, allowing for a detailed understanding of your audience and their preferences. This can be invaluable data when it comes to planning your next event.

Easy to Create Discount Codes

SaffireTix also enables you to effortlessly create unlimited promo codes on the fly, providing comprehensive reporting on the performance of your event discount codes. This feature empowers you to track the effectiveness of different promotional campaigns and make informed decisions about future event marketing strategies.

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