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Online ticket sales. Advance paper ticket and hard ticket sales. On-demand box office sales and management. Reserved seating and Season Tickets. Contactless RFID ticketing and sales through BlastPass™. All this with unlimited support from the Saffire team!

At the core, SaffireTix™ integrates three points of sale into one simple system:
  1. Online sales with print-at-home and mobile tickets you can scan at the gate
  2. Advance printed hard tickets with QR codes provided by Saffire
  3. Box Office Sales, via cash or credit card, through your box office with printing on demand or the SaffireTix app
For reserved seating or general admission, you get amazing, real-time desktop and mobile reporting, and nightly emailed reports, All of it is integrated with Saffire. You work with a single ticketing partner you trust, and your customer gets a streamlined, fully branded experience.

Contactless Ticketing

State and local governments are beginning to adapt social distancing policies as the county moves into the first phase of reopening businesses. Saffire is ready to help you pivot your admissions and ticketing strategies during these evolving times!


Create a safer, stress-free way for your event-goers to pay with Saffire’s contactless payment system, BlastPass. No more long, cash transaction lines or person-to-person contact when spending money. See how Saffire can help you confidently go contactless!

Online Sales

Saffire is the only completely integrated ticketing & website platform in the industry. We make it simple to sell more advance tickets online for your events. Selling online also reduces cash-handling and long lines, creating a safer, seamless experience for your attendees.

Lightweight, Contactless Scanning

SaffireTix contactless ticket scanning can create a safer, stress-free experience for your customers. Without requiring any person-to-person ticket scanning, your event or venue can more easily meet social distancing requirements. Talk to our team about creative implementations of self-scan stations that eliminate the need to touch or be close to customers!
Contactless Ticketing

Online Sales

If you’ve ever experienced a rain-out, you know first-hand the importance of advance sales. Saffire allows your customers to buy online in a secure, branded shopping cart directly from your URL.

Your customers get print-at-home tickets and a link to add their tickets to their Apple Wallet. Saffire's flexible ticket templates allow you to include custom ticket sponsors and advertisers on each print-at-home ticket!

Folks bring these tickets and you can scan them in with any Apple device, which we can provide.

Advance Sales

Do you sell tickets from a physical location or through partners? We offer you the most flexibility in the industry. We can send you a printer to print unlimited QR-coded tickets (which we provide), or you can print QR code stickers from your own printer.

QR codes are like fingerprints that you set to allow whatever you like - single or various redemption locations, custom number of scans - including a single scan, daily scans, unlimited scans or a total number of scans.

Box Office Sales

On-demand ticket and receipt printing is available via SaffireTix Box Office, a web-based solution allowing you to print customers' tickets right where you need them, as you need them. Our box office solution works with industry standard printers such as BOCA as well as an array of other printers, including wireless.

You can also choose to sell tickets onsite through our SaffireTix Gate App - an option for quick entry without printing at the gate. Simply use any Apple device (which we can provide) to calculate the sales amount of your Saffire sale items. Then take cash (and calculate cash back if needed) or credit card with our included swiper.

Our clients love our super-simple, easy-to-use interface. And the best part? All SaffireTix onsite orders are collected and reported in real-time, right in your Spark dashboard!

Reserved Seating

Customers can grab the “Best Available” or choose exactly the seats they want, online or at the gate with Reserved Seating built in to SaffireTix. Regardless of the size or layout of your seating arrangement, SaffireTix offers the ability to create custom, individual seating maps and ticket types allowing full customization of each event's offering.

Marketing Strategy

Once you have online tickets up and running, Saffire helps you promote your sales. We include social media assistance & email marketing strategy for all SaffireTix clients.

Saffire also features a built-in promo code system you can use to offer special deals or discounts to drive pre-sales. Create as many limited time or limited quantity offers you want to drive a sense of urgency. Then, to top it all off, your customers can easily share their ticket purchases with their friends with one click announcements to social media.

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting is where many ticketing platforms fall short, but it’s a hallmark of SaffireTix™. You get comprehensive, real-time reporting from anywhere, anytime using your desktop or mobile device.

You can view items sold or redeemed, and break them out by items and item categories, by location and by date and time. You can even create unlimited promo codes on the fly and get comprehensive reporting on those too.

And hey, you are probably way too busy to look at reports during your event, so we make sure it’s all emailed to you in a nice, & tidy nightly email so you can report on that day’s sales and redemption!
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