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Working With Saffire

Ready to get started with Saffire?

Are you wondering what it’s like to launch your ticketing, website or brand with Saffire? Don’t worry, we’ve launched hundreds of event, venue and destination sites with integrated ticketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Saffire's proven process includes the following steps:


We’ll have kick-off and design meetings to get you started on the right foot. Then, you’ll start putting together materials for your new website and ticketing.


Within a couple of days, you’ll get your very own starter site to begin to “play” with our Spark content management tool. You’ll have weekly meetings with your Saffire Client Experience Manager to take you through Saffire U, our training program, so you can become a seasoned veteran at managing your own content!


While you’re working with your Client Experience Manager on content, our creative team will be hard at work designing your ticketing, website and brand to be everything you ever dreamed it would be!


Once you approve your designs, the magic happens! We put it all together and then launch it to the world!

Ongoing Support & Feature Updates

We've got your back!

As a Saffire client, you will always have help at your fingertips. (This will be a whole new experience for you if you’ve ever had trouble getting support )

You can always call, email or use our online help system if you ever have any questions. Our goal is to answer questions within 15 minutes so you never have to wait to get help you need!

We update ticketing and website platform features throughout the year, with "crowd-sourced" ideas from hundreds of clients just like you. So all our clients benefit!


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