A Conversation With Liz Land
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A Conversation With Liz Land

Liz Land is the Assistant Director for Marketing, Sales and Digital Media at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. She oversees the department responsible for marketing all professional entertainment events at the venue, as well as the advertising, promotions, publicity, group sales, suite operations, sponsorships, social media and website for the Frank Erwin Center.

A San Antonio native and a University of Texas alumna, Liz began her career in 1985 working in radio sales at KGTN-FM in Georgetown. Two years later, she moved to KHFI-FM in Austin. 

After working in radio for a few years, Liz entered the arena marketing industry in 1988 as the Frank Erwin Center Group Sales Representative. Her diligent work and efforts were noticed and she ascended the ranks quickly. She was named the Assistant Communications & Marketing Manager in 1991, Marketing Manager in 1994 and the Assistant Director for Marketing, Sales and Digital Media in 2013.

During her 26 years at the Frank Erwin Center, Liz has been a key component of the venue’s successes and improvements. She has overseen the marketing of some of the highest grossing acts and events in the venue’s history such as Andrea Bocelli, the Davis Cup and Paul McCartney. Liz helped promote two very successful benefit concerts: Neighbors in Need for those affected by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region and Fire Relief: The Concert for Central Texas, where the proceeds were donated to Bastrop victims after the tragic wildfire in 2010. In addition, she led the transition in management of the suites at the Frank Erwin Center including all operational aspects and re-licensing.

With the help and support of her husband John, Liz strives to continue to enhance her professional growth, act as a mentor to others and serve the Austin community. Liz is currently a member of the Association of Luxury Suite Directors. She is also on The University of Texas Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Council Committee and represents the department on the City of Austin’s Hate Crime Task Force. She is on the CATAPLT Council, a UT Athletics-based leadership program, and is a member of the UT Staff Toastmasters Club, a communication and leadership development organization. Liz has participated in the True Growth Academy which provides structured development of authentic leadership and has served as a committee member for the Event and Arena Marketing Conference and the YMCA’s Southwest Branch in Austin to help raise funds for the Y’s Partner of Youth Campaign.

In this episode, Liz talks about what has made the Frank Erwin Center so successful in an area where many venues are competing for an audience. She shares that long-term sponsorships are a must! In this age of social media, it may be surprising to learn that Liz relies on good ol’ print media in trade publications to promote the venue itself. Event promotion, on the other hand, is another story and there are definitely ways Liz uses technology of the 21st Century to attract an audience. Learn about what Liz feels are the most important and effective means of advertising for this iconic venue. 

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Six Key Episode Moments:

  1. 5:16 – Find out how a part-time gig in college has led to a love of events and lifetime career for Liz.
  2. 11:49 – The marketing mix for venue advertising versus event promotion are very different and that’s okay.
  3. 14:02 – How to measure the ROI for the marketing dollar?  Sometimes it’s as simple as gut feel and ticket sales!
  4. 16:50 – Don’t underestimate the power of direct advertising to customers via email.  
  5. 18:52 - Go Blog! Blogs give the ability to be immediate and creative.
  6. 22:00 - On-site, interactive marketing at events, especially in conjunction with social media, will be key going forward – after all it is a captive audience!

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