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“The Amplifier Podcasts are not only incredibly enlightening in that you are hearing honest information and tips from the people in the same “trenches” as you as a fair/festival professional, but they are also fun and motivational- something you can listen to in your car on the way to work or while eating lunch. They are a good amount of highly digestible, concise information from people who can shed light on a business that is so driven by trial and error.”

- Jenny Nagelmueller, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Even Harold the Puppet thinks you should check out the Amplifier Podcast! 
Introducing The Amplifier Event Marketing
Podcast, your chance to listen in on a “no holds barred” conversation about marketing events and venues from the best in the business.
Unlike most conferences or webinars, you can listen wherever and whenever works for you. Just:
  1. Click the orange "Play" button on the episode you want to hear below (it works from mobile too!).
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Pump up the volume for your event's online marketing with The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast!
The Amplifier is brought to you by Saffire in cooperation with IAFE, IFEA, IAVM and WFA. Available also on iTunes.

Episode 25: A Conversation with Mary Pinak

Learn tips and tricks of event planning with Mary Pinak, Community Events Manager for the City of West Palm Beach, FL – where she organizes 150 successful events per year! Listen Now > 

Episode 24: A Conversation with Jerry Hammer

Listen as Jerry Hammer, GM of the Minnesota State Fair, talks about the fair's history, marketing efforts and other great tips! Listen Now > 

Episode 23: A Conversation with David Snowden

Listen as David Snowden, CEO of Triangle Talent, Inc. shares his insight and experience about the evolution of the industry, where things are today and where he believes they are going in the future! Listen Now >

Episode 22: A Conversation with Karen Purves

Listen in on a fascinating conversation with Karen Purves about the little things that make a BIG difference in the ways we communicate. Listen Now > 

Episode 21: A Conversation with Scott Ferguson

Discover Scott's approach to managing and balancing the event mix at the newly named Scotiabank Centre. Listen Now > 

Episode 20: Amplifier Extra with Kendra Wright

Kendra Wright, President of Saffire Events, shares tips on planning for the new year and how to get a jump-start on 2015! Listen Now > 

Episode 19: A Conversation with Jean McFaddin

Jean McFaddin, owner of McFaddin Associates and former Senior Vice President Public Relations and Events Macy’s East shares the story of how she re-built the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Listen Now >  

Episode 18: A Conversation with Bruce Erley

Bruce Erley, President and CEO of the Creative Strategies Group, breaks down “selling” sponsorships and leaves you feeling empowered and confident for when you approach a potential sponsor! Listen Now > 

Episode 17: Amplifier Extra with Kendra Wright

Kendra Wright, President of Saffire Events, shares tips to improve photography and make it easier than ever to take great photos and optimize images! Listen Now > 

Episode 16: A Conversation with Ali Putnam

Ali Putnam, Media and Community Relations Manager for Circuit of the Americas, gives a sneak peek into one of the hottest new venues in the country! Listen Now > 

Episode 15: A Conversation with Wes Allison

Listen as Wes Allison, President & CEO of Extraco Events Center,
talks about how volunteers make the Heart O’ Texas Fair so successful! Listen Now >

Episode 14: A Conversation With D. Loftstrom & M. Richards

Doug Loftstrom, Chief Executive Officer, and Michele Richards, Chief Business Development Officer of the OC Fair & Event Center talk about the success of their fair and venue, in spite of much competition. Listen Now > 

Episode 13: A Conversation With Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair, Executive Manager of Sales and Marketing for Expo Square, as well as Manager of the Tulsa State Fair, shares her goal of making the Fair feel like “Disney World in eleven days!” Listen Now > 

Episode 12: A Conversation With Katie McFadden

Katie McFadden, Director of Membership Services for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, shares how to maximize the talents and enthusiasm of volunteers for the benefit of any organization! Listen Now > 

Episode 11: A Conversation With Sammy Wallace

Sammy Wallace, Assistant Vice President of Booking & Marketing/Assistant General Manager of the Cedar Park Center, talks about how venues need to “think outside the box” to survive and thrive. Listen Now > 

Episode 10: A Conversation With Jenny Nagelmueller

Jenny Nagelmueller, PR/Communications Director at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo discusses the best ways to use social media and the all-important timing and mix of advertising. Listen Now > 

Episode 9: A Conversation with Danny Aguilar

Danny Aguilar, Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing for the Delaware State Fair shares his keys to success for smaller events to make a big impact.
Listen Now >

Episode 8: A Conversation With John Melleky

John Melleky, CEO of the iconic Fiesta® San Antonio, shares his advice on creating sponsorship partnerships, merchandising opportunities and creating a year-round, city-wide spirit for their two week event. Listen Now > 

Episode 7: A Conversation With Kent Hojem

Kent Hojem, CEO of the newly re-named Washington State Fair discusses the experience of changing the name and rebranding the Fair (formerly known as the Puyallup Fair). Listen Now > 

Episode 6: A Conversation With Liz Land

Liz Land, Assistant Director for Marketing, Sales and Digital Media at the Frank Erwin Center, shares her thoughts on what are the most important and effective means of advertising for this iconic venue. Listen Now > 

Episode 5: A Conversation With Chris Wiseman

Chris Wiseman, GM of the Colorado State Fair, shares his experience using a cashless Smart Card system. Since the interview, they've decided not to use the system in 2014, but are considering future use. Listen Now > 

Episode 4: A Conversation With Tim Fennell

Listen as Tim Fennell, CEO of the Del Mar Fairgrounds/Racetrack, shares his experiences over a lifetime career and how success comes with constant reinvention and response to change. Listen Now > 

Episode 3: A Conversation With Leroy Shafer

Listen as Leroy Shafer, COO of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, shares his thoughts on not just surviving, but thriving in the event industry. Listen Now > 

Episode 2: A Conversation With Gail Lowney Alofsin

“Love Your Life!” Listen to Gail Lowney Alofsin, as she talks about the importance of relationship cultivation for success in all aspects of life & work with an eye on event sponsorship. Listen Now > 

Premiere Episode: A Convesation With Errol McKoy

What happens when disaster strikes? Listen to Errol McKoy, President of the State Fair of Texas, as he shares what he has learned from his years in the event industry & his reaction to Big Tex burning. Listen Now > 

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