A Conversation With Jenny Nagelmueller
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A Conversation With Jenny Nagelmueller

Jenny Nagelmueller is the PR/Communications Director at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in San Antonio, Texas.

Born in the small rural town of Seguin, Texas, Jenny grew up with an outdoors/farming/ranching background. After a brief stay in Oklahoma to fulfill a dream to play collegiate volleyball, Nagelmueller returned to the capital city to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

After a brief year as a Corporate Marketing Assistant at the former Austin Ice Bats, Nagelmueller moved her love of marketing and knowledge of web-based communication and interaction into a role as Marketing Director at Ryland Homes of Austin. Managing both the Austin and San Antonio divisions in her two final years with the company, Nagelmueller was in charge of over 30 communities and their online properties.

In the spring of 2010, Jenny made it back to her “small town” roots when she accepted the job as PR/Communications Director at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. A volunteer organization that emphasizes agriculture and education to develop the youth of Texas, the organization brought a “family” feel to her professional world. Nagelmueller now works with over 5,500 volunteers, an Executive Committee and Board, and just over 30 staff members to put on what has been named PRCA’s Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year for the last nine years consecutively. In her fourth year with the organization, Nagelmueller has become increasingly focused on its social media efforts and media presence throughout the year. Along with managing the core message and aesthetic look of the website, Jenny manages the Rodeo’s social media channels and public relations to media and corporate partners.

Jenny resides in San Antonio, Texas and enjoys anything outdoors! A runner, avid reader, fisher and hunter, Nagelmueller also stays involved in the pulse of the community via memberships and volunteer roles at other non-profits and organizations. She is a member of Alamo Area Hospitality Association, National Professional Women’s Association and regularly attends American Advertising Federation, PRSA and North, South, Hispanic and Greater San Antonio Area Chamber meetings. Jenny is also the staff liaison for a pilot focus group for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo comprised of under-35 aged volunteers who help spearhead and execute efforts to recruit new and demographically diverse volunteers.  

In this episode, Jenny takes some time out of a busy day during the 2014 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to discuss all things related to marketing the event. She covers the best ways to use social media and the all-important timing and mix of advertising. How is her job made easier? Volunteers! As Jenny says, you cannot buy the type of viral marketing that is perpetuated by volunteers who are passionate about an event and really view it as their job to promote it.

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Key Episode Moments: 

  1. 3:15 - Social media is important and most successful when it is interactive. They get more buzz when the event responds to posts and tweets.
  2. 8:25 - R&D in the form of surveys is key to knowing what to change with your event and marketing going forward.
  3. 11:17 - Some things can be planned ahead of the event. Know your iconic attractions and create a calendar to make sure you capture them as they occur so they can be posted on social media immediately! 
  4. 13:48 - The biggest bang for the advertising buck is earned in January for the Show & Rodeo because it is the next big thing after the holidays. When are you the “next” big thing?
  5. 17:30 - Social media can be great for on-the-fly promos that give immediate results. You can announce giveaways for a ticket purchase, for example, if you see that ticket sales for a particular day are low. This is a great way to bring sponsors into the deal as well!  
  6. 20:00 - Sponsorship partners are all-important and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has a 90% retention rate! Win-win scenarios are the key and social media now makes this easier than ever when both parties post on their pages to greatly increase the reach. 
  7. 22:46 - Volunteers are always important for events to be successful and many provide incredible advertising on their own. These volunteers take ownership and use their own social media to promote the event as well as the traditional posters and flyers. You can’t buy viral marketing like this! Think “Guerrilla” marketers!  
  8. 25:09 - How do you attract younger volunteers? Jenny has some great advice on this issue that faces all events! 
  9. 29:10 - Jenny is a believer in a 30/30/30 marketing mix. Traditional/digital/social. Find out why and how to negotiate getting digital with traditional on your ad buys!
  10. 33:55 - Take note that “Likes” on Facebook are not adequate since the change FB made to its algorithm to reduce the number of views. Now you need to advertise to be seen.

Jenny's Organizations

American Advertising Federation
Alamo Area Hospitality Association
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Public Relations Society of America
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