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Amplifier Extra - Improving Your Photography

Kendra Wright, President of Saffire, has worked in online marketing since 1995, managing global Internet strategies at a Fortune 1000 technology company. In 1998, she founded her first company, Wright Strategies, delivering internet marketing strategies to clients like KEEN Footwear, Jeep, Panasonic, Intel, Nike and Chrysler.
In 2009, Kendra launched Saffire to deliver software that empowers events, venues and destinations with a beautiful, interactive website they can control anytime, anywhere. Saffire has grown to service hundreds of clients and has won awards from many industry associations. 
A “serial entrepreneur,” Kendra has also started email marketing and online gift companies. Kendra grew up in Branson, Missouri working in her family’s fun parks and started her career managing non-profit fundraising events.
For this week's episode of the Amplifier Podcast, Kendra put together an “Amplifier Extra,” an entire episode devoted to one topic we think our audience will find valuable: Photography. Prepare to be inspired as she shares 6 tips on how to make your photography the best it can be. Also, listen as she gives a step-by-step tutorial through one of her favorite apps for making it a “snap!”

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Key Moments:
  1. 1:54 – How important is contemporary photography? Consider that 10% of all photos ever taken were taken in the past 12 months! 
  2. 2:30 – What kinds of photos will get the most “bang for the buck” on your website and/or social media? Spot the best kinds of things to photograph. 
  3. 3:45 – Discover a $50 purchase will make it effortless to get images off your camera or smartphone and into action! 
  4. 4:30 - Learn why your smartphone is a relevant tool for photography and how to make your images even better!
  5. 6:55 – Kendra shares a FREE app that can revolutionize the way you use your images with respect to social media.
  6. 9:25 – Find out about a tool that has been called the “democratization of design” and is applauded by marketing gurus like Guy Kawasaki. 
  7. 13:30 – Kendra conducts a step-by-step tutorial of the app that will make it a “snap” to optimize your images.
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