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A Conversation With Mary Pinak

Mary Pinak has over thirty-three years of event planning experience in the hospitality industry and with the City of West Palm Beach. As Community Events Manager for the City, Pinak initiated and continues management for events such as Clematis by Night; 4th on Flagler; Sunday on the Waterfront, the West Palm Beach GreenMarket and Sand & Sea-Suns Greetings: 30 days of holiday programming starring “Sandi” the world’s only 600 ton holiday sand tree sculpted to perfection. 

Her marketing responsibilities have also included directing all internal and external communications for the City including newsletters, calendars, annual reports, promotions and public relations.  Under Pinak’s direction, the City’s Community Events Division has compiled more than two hundred state, national and international awards for special events, promotions and marketing materials.

Pinak has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management from Florida State University and is designated a Certified Festival Executive by the International Festivals and Events Association.  She resides in Juno Beach with her husband Ron and sons Patrick (20) and Shane (17.) 

Feel the warmth as you listen to Kendra speak with Mary about fantastic events in the beautiful, tropical City of West Palm Beach, Florida and how these events have revitalized the community over the past 20 years!

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1:30 - Mary organizes a staggering 150 events per year and issues permits for about 100 additional events held on City property and organized by others.

3:30 - Find out how her team organizes events with only 6 Full time and 2 Part time staff!

5:30 - Mary paints a picture of a city in need of revitalization when she started 20 years ago. She began her career with a one week deadline to put on an event! That event, called “Clematis by Night,” has grown and continues to thrive today, drawing people from all demographics to downtown West Palm Beach.

12:32 - One of the key ways to get people to a new or ongoing event, is to do some pre-work to create buzz so that people look forward to it and are curious enough to attend.

15:50 - Recognize that all events won’t be successful and know when to “pull the plug” on those that don’t work so you can focus on the ones that do work!

17:30 - Take a lesson from Mary on how she manages to keep 30 straight days of holiday programming fresh and engaging – just think outside of the (sand)box!


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