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Flexible Box Office and Ticketing Kiosks

Maximize your revenue and reduce operating costs with a box office that can run itself. SaffireTix will streamline your customer experience and improve in-person selling and scanning.

Quickly and easily convert your current box office windows to sell any kind of ticket you need!

Talk to us about how hundreds of fairs across the country have been able to cut staffing costs and sell tickets faster. Request a demo today!
Flexible Kiosk & Box Office Solution

Flexible Box Office Kiosks

Saffire can help you increase safety, maximize revenue and reduce operating costs. With SaffireTix, your box office can run itself. Transactions can be done 100% by the customer, making their experience even more streamlined.

Here are just a few of the outstanding benefits of Saffire’s Box Office Kiosk and Ticketing solution:

    Self-serve box office tablet kiosks, and hands-free device stands are the most cost-effective solution to eliminating the need for workers doing in-person ticket selling, scanning and more!
    What’s even better, is you can sell EVERYTHING from this innovative box office!
    The plug-and-play setup of SaffireTix Box Office Kiosks is the easiest and most flexible way you can convert existing selling windows into powerful, self-serve ticketing stations!

Level up with BlastPass RFID

BlastPass is a contactless RFID wristband or card that acts as an electronic wallet for your guests to make onsite purchases like food, alcohol and merchandise, eliminating cash transactions. BlastPass can also be used to grant guest access to specific entrances or designated general admission or VIP areas. Spotty internet access at your venue? No problem. BlastPass can even continue selling and scanning without an active internet connection!

In addition to all the advantages of contactless selling and scanning, BlastPass helps you:
  • Increase revenue by 30%
  • Receive real-time reporting data on sales, customer spend, gate monitoring and more
  • Reduce transaction times & long lines
  • Run the system completely offline – no internet connection required
  • Refill wristbands and cards at multiple stations so your guests never run out of credits
  • Manage alcohol services by flagging underage customers
  • Refund unused credits after event ends
  • Enjoy unlimited training & support
Online Ticketing

Increase Your Online Sales with SaffireTix and Reduce Cash Lines

Advance online purchasing means smaller lines at the box office and more revenue in your pocket even before your scheduled events. The Saffire team excels at helping with the advance planning and early communication you might need to shift your sales online. Your customers will love buying online and avoiding the hassle of standing in line at the gate.

Our goal is aligned with yours: we want to have as many guests as possible show up with tickets in-hand to streamline your admissions. Saffire’s sales team can help you manage the costs related to online ticketing to stay in line with your budget!
Contactless Ticket Scanning

Scanning with SaffireTix

SaffireTix is the most mobile ticketing technology in the industry. You can allow guests to scan their own print-at-home or mobile tickets using an iOS device, reducing your staffing needs. SaffireTix iOS scanners can easily be placed in self-serving stands to create a self-serve admission process that can be monitored from a distance.
Capacity Tracking in Venues

SaffireTix Can Help Track Your Capacity

From self-manageable reserved seating maps that help block off designated seats to tracking live attendance numbers for your venue’s capacity, SaffireTix makes it simple to stay right on top of live attendance and capacity rules.

Partner with Saffire Today!

Whether you’re looking for help with your online ticketing, RFID programs, software or a winning digital marketing strategy to boost your online ticket sales, our team is here to help you decide what solutions will work best for you and your customers.

Contact us today to see how Saffire can help you increase your revenue!

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