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Noise Digital Marketing

Make Some Noise with Saffire!

Clients are seeing huge increases in online ticketing and pre-sales with Saffire's partners at Noise New Media who provide no-set-fee digital marketing to increase ticket sales. Noise has served clients in the fair industry including heavyweights like RODEOHOUSTON, Indiana State Fair, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Wisconsin State Fair and The Big E, their experience and expertise in the event industry is second to none.

Who wouldn’t want to sell more tickets overall, especially in advance?
If you’re like many events, you know you should be spending more on social and email marketing (40% of ad budget is industry average).

But it can feel risky to divert funds from traditional media when there are so many unknowns. Which digital platforms should I be using to advertise? How much should I spend on each? How can I track my sales and know if it’s working? What’s the new “it” platform?

Saffire offers a ticket sales and sales-focused digital marketing package, powered by Noise New Media. There’s no set fee for this program, just the actual cost of the ad inventory and a small added per-ticket fee. Since online customers generally pay these fees, this is as risk-free as marketing can get. Your marketing department can focus on traditional media and social media engagement, while Noise drills down on the ad science that brings tangible results.

But how do you know it works? Saffire piloted this program this year with Tennessee Valley Fair. How did it do?
Noise Digital Marketing

Tennessee Valley Fair increased their revenue by a record-breaking 18% by participating in this program!

In fact, here’s what they said about it:

"The Tennessee Valley Fair had the opportunity to work with Noise New Media through a pilot partnership with Saffire this past year, and we were absolutely blown away. Noise New Media was a fantastic team to work with; they gave honest advice, were knowledgeable but made sure to keep it on our level, were very flexible (which is important in the fair industry) and provided tangible results.

They encouraged us to take a chance on a bigger social media budget and we saw a huge return. We received comments from patrons saying 'We saw the Tennessee Valley Fair EVERYWHERE!' Additionally, their creatives were extremely helpful. The team created our concert announcement video, helped schedule it, gave us advice on when to announce and go on-sale. This led to us selling more concert tickets than we ever had!

Noise New Media is a leader in the social/online industry, don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with them!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Saffire offering this partnership/service?
A: We want you to sell more tickets! Our favorite thing about ticketing is that we’re all on the same side, working on the same team - let's increase ticket sales! With this program, we feel confident we’ll meet our shared goal!

Q: Who is Noise New Media?
A: We have known Mark O'Shea and Steve Richo from Noise for over 10 years, and we’ve had a ton of success working with them on mutual clients. (Plus they’re just great guys.) Most importantly, Noise New Media has a track record of helping events build customer bases and break records. "We're in the business of getting people off their asses and into the box office! It's as simple as that," says Steve Richo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Q: What will Noise New Media do for us?
A: There is a comprehensive schedule of services (just ask for it), but it will include an ad plan (where to spend the ad budget, flight times and which creative mediums), the creation of the ads themselves, the placement and continual optimization of the ads, an email marketing plan, email creatives and a self-service, custom dashboard that reports and evaluates ROI in real time! In short, it’s everything you need to launch a world-class digital campaign.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?
A: There is no set fee! Just a small per-ticket charge and the cost of the ads. Since most online customers pay these fees, your agency fee can literally be free to you.

Q: What are the requirements?
We only want you to do what you should do anyway - start early and spend your budget appropriately, in the right places. We need to get started at least 2 weeks before your entertainment and on-sale announcement (and preferably more!), so we have adequate time to see success. And we ask that you spend between $20k and $100k (keeping in mind the industry average is 40% of overall ad spend). We can talk with you to help you set the right budget.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: Just click the email button below to send us a message and we’ll be in touch to approve your event.

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