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In The News - BlastPass Cashless Payment System


Saffire Announces BlastPass Cashless Payment System

Austin, TEXAS – May 7, 2019 – Saffire, LLC has announced the launch of an innovative cashless RFID offering to complement the company’s existing ticketing and web services. This cashless service, called BlastPass, allows event-goers to pre-purchase loaded RFID wristbands online or directly at an event and lets customers easily add value to the bands when funds have been used.

BlastPass includes comprehensive and intuitive real-time reporting and generates post-event reports providing managers great levels of detail on revenue and user experience. Reports for online BlastPass sales can be viewed in the same mobile-friendly online portal as SaffireTix.

BlastPass will also eliminate the need for vendors to accept cash at events, which is slow, cumbersome and hard to track. Event attendees who are less likely to carry cash will find it easier to manage their purchases, while younger audiences can have their spending easily managed by a parent or guardian.

“Our goal is to provide a completely seamless experience for customers,” said Saffire President Aaron Pederson. “With BlastPass, a customer can buy event tickets, ride credits and food credits all in one easy online transaction, before the event ever starts. BlastPass can greatly increase average spending by customers and vastly improve management of revenue by event organizers.”

BlastPass is unique from any other cashless operation on the market, because it does not require a live Internet or data connection to sustain credit sales or redemption. This critical feature means peace of mind for event & venue managers, as Internet connectivity can make or break other systems. Additionally, it saves money by using small, portable devices instead of expensive equipment. “BlastPass empowers event managers with automation and data without

dragging them down with heavy infrastructure and bulky equipment investments,” said Pederson.

In addition to these benefits, incorporating BlastPass is another way to bring complementary technology under a single dynamic provider with Saffire. Clients using a Saffire website & SaffireTix ticketing will see a seamless integration when managing BlastPass for their event, saving time in management & partner communication.

About Saffire

Founded in 1998, Saffire provides an award-winning platform for websites & ticketing to over 500 events, venues and destinations. SaffireTix includes online, advance and box office sales, all with amazing real-time reporting. Saffire has offices in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit

For more information about how BlastPass can be incorporated at your next event, please visit or email

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