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Frequently Asked Questions

About Saffire

Who is Saffire?

How long have you been in business?

What inspired you to start Saffire?

What are the Saffire company core values?

Who are your customers?

What does Saffire enable me to do?

I already have a website and/or ticketing provider; why should I use Saffire?

What is your vision? Where are you going next?

Partnering With Saffire

If I decide to work with Saffire, what is the process to get started?

How long does it take to launch a new website and ticketing project?

Are there any system requirements to use Saffire? Can I use my iPhone or iPad? My Mac?

How can I get familiar with Saffire?

Pricing & Billing

How much do Saffire websites cost?

How much does it cost to use SaffireTix and SaffireCommerce for online sales?

How much does it cost to use SaffireTix for pre-sale and gate sales?

Are there any other fees for doing ecommerce or ticketing?

What are your payment terms? When do you start billing me?

Are there other fees besides these?

Are there any long-term contracts?

Do you offer any discounts?

Can I pay by credit card?

Can I pay in a currency other than US Dollars?

Are there applicable taxes? Can I be exempt?

Saffire Website Features

What is the reasoning behind Saffire features?

How many users can manage our Saffire website under our licensing agreement?

Are there limitations on number of pages, businesses, events or forms on my website?

Do you enter our old website content, or do we?

Do I have to use one of your layout “templates?”

How do I know you’ll give me a design I love?

Will my site be mobile and tablet friendly? Are your websites responsive?

What can we change about our website, and when do we need to call you?

Can I schedule anything in advance for our website?

How do you help me market my events to get more attendance?

What are other ways you help me make money?

How can you make my life easier with application forms I receive?

How is my site optimized for search engines?

How does my site maximize social media sharing?

How does my site maximize email marketing?

How do you integrate photos and video?

Do you offer an app?

SaffireTix & SaffireCommerce Features

What is SaffireCommerce?

Why SaffireCommerce?

What are some examples of items we can sell?

What is SaffireTix?

How do I sell things using SaffireCommerce and SaffireTix?

How do you prevent using tickets more than once?

For pre-sales, how will my tickets look?

What do we use to sell tickets in our box office and scan tickets at the gate?

Do you rent or sell Apple devices we can use to scan tickets?

What kind of internet connectivity do I need at my gates?

Can we offer promo codes for SaffireTix Items?

What kind of reporting do you offer for SaffireTix?

How often can I make changes to my items for sale or promo codes?

What if I create more tickets or stickers than I needed?

What if a customer loses their ticket?

Saffire Support

What kind of support can I expect after signing up? Will I have my own account representative?

What kind of support can I expect once I’ve launched my website?

What days and hours is your support available?

Are there any additional support levels available?

Do you offer on-site support during my event?

Website Hosting

Where is my site hosted?

Who is guarding my personal information?

How is my data backed up, and how can I get it if I need it?

How do you secure my website?


How do you secure your servers?

Who is guarding my personal information?

Where are the data centers used to provide Saffire located?

Are data centers audited by an accredited 3rd party?

Who has access to production and back-end data, and what controls are in place to prevent unauthorized internal access (by staff, contractors, or others)?

How are passwords stored in Saffire?

How are security breaches communicated to customers? Are all breaches shared?

In what instances/scenarios would data travel unencrypted/unprotected over the public Internet or any network?

Through what mechanisms can customers request and receive full copies of data in a standard format?

How long are (undeleted) customer records stored in the service retained and accessible?

How is my data backed up, and how can I get it if I need it?

Will any customer data/information be shared with any 3rd party for any reason?

Communicating Service Changes & Availability

How are customers notified about changes to Saffire?

Through what mechanisms are bug fixes introduced into production?

How do you communicate about service maintenance or disruptions?

Data Ownership & Usage

What is your policy regarding data ownership and availability should a customer fail to meet its payment obligations?

What configuration or usage instructions must the customer follow to ensure data security and performance?

Do you have any usage guidelines?

What happens if one of us ever decides to part ways?

Ready to talk to us?

This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only, and does not amend or change the terms of the Subscription Services Agreement between the parties.

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