The Dirt: Apps - We can't live without them!
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The Dirt: Apps - We can't live without them!

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Hurricane Harvey

The Saffire Team wants to send out our love, thoughts and deepest sympathy to our Saffire family and friends continuing to be affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you need help getting information out to your community, know that you can utilize the Saffire Team and our coaches—we’re here to help! As you rebuild your communities, let us know of your efforts so that we can help get the word out. One of our clients affected in La Grange, Texas is donating ALL profits from the Fayette County Fair to flood victims. If you are looking to help, check out our association partner’s list of ways to assist here.

Mobile Apps - Can You Live Without Them? I Can't!

How many apps do you have on your phone? Do you use them on a regular basis? Studies show that 85% of the people only use 5 apps on their phone but have over 20 apps downloaded. So that got me to thinking…. What apps do I have on my phone that I actually use? I did a little polling of my friends to get their take on it too. Here’s a small glimpse at what we collectively have and why we like them.

SaffireTix Events on Deck

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients who are experiencing the power of SaffireTix! Visit their sites, buy your tickets and get ready for some fun! Check out the Walworth County Fair, Fayette County Fair, Palomino Fest & Pro Rodeo, Madera District Fair, New Mexico State Fair and more!

Upcoming Conferences

Wheel of Crap? Check. Blue booth backdrops? Check. Awesome Websites & Ticketing? CHECK! You know it, the Saffire Team is on the move again, heading from one convention to the next. Over the next few months, you can see us at IFEA, DMA West Education Summit, and TTIA Summit!

From the Launch Pad

It's back to school time, which means fair season is upon us! Check out our awesome new clients with new websites for this year's fair! Be sure to check out these brand new fair websites: State Fair of Virginia, Central Washington State Fair, Washington County Fair, Nebraska, and Central Wisconsin State Fair.

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