Stormont Vail Events Center
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Stormont Vail Events Center

Stormont Vail Events Center
Stormont Vail Events Center
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“After building and administering our venue's website for the previous seven years, I was hesitant to turn it over to an outside developer. But Saffire isn't just a web development company. It's a team of real people with real passion for helping their clients. Cassie's personality paved the way for a great relationship, and the rest of the Saffire team proved to be just as energetic about our site renovation. Brandi quickly became a trusted guide and a true friend. She helped me clear some hurdles and kept me informed every step of the way. Jeremy was the geek who made my ideas come to life and didn't blink when I started tweaking style elements and asking for visual adjustments down to the pixel. I think we all stretched our skills & talents a bit during this project, and in the end we have a site to be proud of. Thanks, Saffire.”

Phil Thompson
Marketing Manager
Stormont Vail Events Center
The Stormont Vail Events Center is the premier entertainment, exhibition and convention facility in Northeast Kansas.



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