South Florida Fair
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South Florida Fair

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“I'm thrilled to share with you that we had an amazing run this year at the 2015 South Florida Fair! We broke attendance records, our revenue was up significantly, and I'm sure our NEW website contributed to those wonderful results. Unique visitors increased a little over 13 percent (which is huge!) compared to last year (Dec 2013-Feb 2014), and people stayed longer and viewed more pages per session than ever before! We know we made the right decision when we decided to hire your company to design and develop our new site, and the results above reaffirm that decision! Your attention to detail and the fast response to each and every one of our requests were outstanding as well...and still are! Thank you so much!”

Rita De Mier
Director of Marketing and Creative Services
South Florida Fair and Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.
The South Florida Fair occurs over a 17 day period, generally in the last two (2) weeks of January each year. Over the past several years, the annual fair has incorporated a theme as a means of stimulating tourism as well as the educational and cultural interest of the residents of Palm Beach County. For instance, "Florida" was featured at the 1998 fair and "Alaska", "Tales of the American West", "New England", "Hollywood", "Having a Ball", "Dreams, screams, thrills, chills", "Party with the Animals", "Washington D.C." and "Las Vegas" were showcased in previous fairs. One of the greatest aspects of the annual fair is its agricultural and livestock exhibits which clearly provide the greatest variety of such exhibits anywhere within Palm Beach County. Even though agriculture is such a tremendous part of Palm Beach County’s economic base, many school children have never been exposed to it. However, at the annual South Florida Fair, not only can they see and learn all about agriculture, but can even witness a calf being born, or learn how a dairy is operated. The annual fair attracts over 500,000 people through its turnstiles. However, 650,000 people will attend various events on the Fairgrounds on an annual basis. Besides the 128,000 ft. Expo Center, there are 10 other events exhibit buildings along with the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater, Agriplex and Yesteryear Village. These events constitute 250 event days.

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1st Place - Best Website

1st Place - Best Website

2017 FFEA Awards - Budget over $250k
1st Place - Best Website

1st Place - Best Website

2016 FFEA Awards - Budget over $250k
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