Mosquito Festival
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Mosquito Festival

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“It has been a pleasure working with the entire Saffire team from the very beginning! Each member has made sure we were taken care of and we got the website that we wanted. We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to create a new site or give their old site new life! Great job Saffire!”

Angel Cowley
Executive Director
The Great Texas Mosquito Festival/Clute Visitors Bureau
From his vantage point high atop a moss hung oak. Willie-Man-Chew rested from his long search for a perfect home and surveyed the scene below. Here, in the early summer of 1981, the sight and sounds that greeted him were a delight to his senses. There were healthy, energetic humans playing ball, swimming in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, enjoying state-of-the-art playground equipment, laughing and having fun. Willie's discerning eye noted the lush greenery surround the homes and schools in the neighborhood. Springing, as he does from the finest bloodlines in southern Brazoria County, he realized that he had, at last, found the land of his dreams.Willie quickly marshaled a group of humans as his official goodwill ambassadors and began preparations for the first of the annual festivals that honor him and his fellow mosquitoes the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of July each year. These ambassadors, whom Willie affectionately and jokingly calls his "Swat Team" present three fun filled days of special events, games, food, carnival rides, and contests, craft booths, cook-offs and much, much more. Y'all come down to Clute, Texas and join us .... for the fun of it!

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