Lake County Fair
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Lake County Fair

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"The whole Saffire crew has been a pleasure to work with during set up and go live of our website! They really care about making your website the best it can be! What a great group to work with!

Leah J. Norris
Assistant Manager
Lake County Fair
Even in the beginning it was an event to entertain and educate the local residents. As the exposition grew it was changed to the Lake County Fair maintaining its entertainment and educational aspects but also providing an atmosphere for county residents to compete on a local level with their crafts, cooking, baking and livestock. Still today it is the responsibility of the County Fair to promote agriculture, educate and entertain its patrons.The board of directors and many volunteers work diligently toward their goal for the residents of Lake County. The Lake County Fair is a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing a place for the youth of Lake County to learn and to show their livestock and other projects. We also have Horticulture, Fine Arts, Creative Arts and Photography sections where adults show their projects. The Commercial Building is used to show most of the adult exhibits as well as house exhibitors promoting their organization, sales and Lake County agencies educating the public about their functions.

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