Kendall County Fair
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Kendall County Fair

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Glenda Boerner
Advertising & Website Director
Kendall County Fair Association
The Kendall County Fair Association has sustained its mission as a nonprofit organization for over 100 years and has become a Hill Country tradition and a historic icon of our rural heritage. The Kendall County Fair, as the organizations fundraiser, has become an integral part of the community, drawing thousands of patrons to Kendall County each year, providing them with the great flavor of "down home country fun, good times and good friends". The KCFA land, studded with tall oak trees, is beautifully maintained and may be rented by the public along with three buildings, an arena and pavilion. The facilities, as part of the KCFA mission, are used Fair and Rodeo, the Livestock Show, various agricultural shows, education events and youth organizations, civic groups, other nonprofits and by the general public.

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3rd Place - Best Website

3rd Place - Best Website

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