Expo New Mexico
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Expo New Mexico

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“We are very appreciative of the Saffire team’s efforts in giving us the framework and tools we need to develop our site, and the creativity they shared to ensure it is dynamic, user-friendly and unique. The turn-around time from conception to completion was quick, the Saffire staff was easy and pleasant to work with and the end product was exceptional!”

Dan Mourning
General Manager
New Mexico State Fair/EXPO NM
EXPO New Mexico is the state's only true multi-use entertainment and events facility, which in addition to being the site of the annual New Mexico State Fair, hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. EXPO New Mexico is a state agency, and one of a very few public entities which functions as an enterprise fund which means EXPO New Mexico has to raise all revenues to support its operations, though we receive a small amount of funding from the state for capital outlay improvements.

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