Association of Rodeo Committees
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Association of Rodeo Committees

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“I'm completely blown away by the professionalism and ease of navigation of our Saffire website. Saffire did a fantastic job creating a great design and navigation that will allow our members to easily access information. ARC exists to help promote rodeo committees and their efforts, and this site serves that purpose. Kudos to the great Saffire team for a job well done!”

Gary Williams
Tucson Rodeo
Association of Rodeo Committees
Through the efforts of ARC, in 1986, the entire sanctioning structure for PRCA rodeo was revised to provide a new more equitable management system. ARC members joined together to shore up a collapsing PRCA by negotiating a restructuring of the PRCA and gaining greater representation for the business elements of the sport - the rodeo committees and the stock contractors. ARC was responsible for the creation of the position of Commissioner of the PRCA as well as outside business directors. Although ARC planted the seed for revitalizing the PRCA, the harvest of the benefit to rodeo committees is still in the growth stage and the results not yet totally foreseen. Some further recommendations by ARC may be required in order to fully realize the benefits from the reorganization of the PRCA. ARC is guided by the Board elected from rodeo members across the spectrum of rodeos. Representation as from the large stock shows to the local community rodeos. "For profit" and "not for profit" events are included as are the rodeo stock contractors who produce rodeos. A key function of ARC is personalized attention to the individual concerns of the member rodeos.



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