A Conversation With David Snowden
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A Conversation With David Snowden


Dave Snowden, CEO of Triangle Talent, Inc., has produced entertainment events in 38 states. In 2006, he led a team to produce the Closing Ceremonies of the “World Equestrian Games” in Aachen, Germany. The Ceremonies were viewed live by over 40,000 people with it televised in over 35 countries as well as on NBC in the United States. He purchases major headline entertainment for 19 State Fairs, consults major corporations for events and activities. Dave is Past Chairman of the Kentucky Derby Festival, Past Chairman for 12 years of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Past Board Member of Country Music Association, and Past City Councilman for City of Jeffersontown, KY for 8 years. He is presently Chairman of KEMI, “Kentucky Employers Mutual Insurance Company” and Vice President of East Kentucky Foods, Winchester, KY.  Dave began his career in Radio and Journalism and has also served on the board of the Country Music Awards!

Join Kendra in an informative, honest and down-to-earth conversation with Dave, whose company has grown to become one of the largest entertainment agencies in the nation. He shares his insight and experience about the evolution of the industry, where things are today and where he believes they are going into the future!

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Key Episode Moments: 

9:40 – Learn how Dave approaches the task of choosing entertainment for events and his unique definition of what a “Fair” really is!

11:15 – Discover Dave’s approach to all-important demographic research.

13:30 – A great show isn’t so great if no one comes to see it: “if you can’t market an act, then you can’t have it!”

21:00 – The key components of a website: it must be simple and good and it needs to work properly! Including music is crucial!

24:25 – Whether or not you use social media for personal matters, it is a fantastic promotional tool for events - it’s also FREE!

25:38 – Don’t overlook the importance of capturing email address and the impact direct communication has on your success.

27:25 – Budgeting for entertainment needs to include funds necessary to promote the act.

32:18 – Be innovative and creative with your ticket offerings. People need to be there to spend money!

35:25 – You want young people to want to come to your event – 12 year old demographic is key.

35:45 – If you want a great example of a creative and well-managed fair that takes advantage of all things current and relevant, look no further than the Tulsa State Fair, managed by Amanda Blair (see The Amplifier Episode #13 for an interview with Amanda).


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