West End Fair
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West End Fair

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“Saffire' software being tailor-made for fairs made it exceptionally easy to organize and present material for our website. The mobile site format was also something that we definitely needed. Knowing that Saffire constantly updates their software convinced us that this was an investment we wanted to make. Working with Saffire has been phenomenal--not only is their product outstanding, but their employees are incredible!”

Sue Hill
West End Fair
Over the years the West End Fair has seen many changes. It has gone from 3000 people in attendance to over 180,000. Now we have many innovations, but no matter how much our fair changes, the philosophy remains the same. The original West End Fair premium book contained a statement of the goal of the fair, which hasn't changed. “The object of the fair is: to promote a healthy interest in the West End of Monroe County in the raising of thoroughbred horses, cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry; to increase the quality and quantity of grains, fruits, and vegetables; to assist in the social uplift of the West End by bringing all classes of rural life together to vie with each other in exhibiting the best that the West End can produce; finally to afford a day of recreation and pleasure.” We continue to keep these traditions as we preserve the past by developing the future.

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