Yolo County Fair
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Yolo County Fair

Yolo County Fair
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“We are so happy with Saffire. Their staff is so easy to work with, the program is user friendly. It’s just so awesome!!”

Carolyn Guillen-Cabrera
Event Coordinator
Yolo County Fair
The Yolo County Fair is the largest and oldest free gate fair in California. It maintains this status because of the hundreds of volunteers, county/community support, sponsorships, and partnerships with county businesses and individuals. The fairgrounds also hosts several large annual events such as the Sacramento Scottish Games & Festival, the Capital Camellia AKC show, 4-H Spring Show, and numerous other public and private events year around. The fairgrounds is also the county’s emergency destination location for people and animals, training space for numerous police and fire departments, and housing for FFA and 4-H animals. The fairgrounds have an RV Park and a Little League Park operated by the City of Woodland.



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