Cooperative Farming News
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Cooperative Farming News

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Alabama Farmers Cooperative, originally the Tennessee Valley Fertilizer Cooperative, was organized in Decatur, Alabama in 1936 by a group of local county co-ops. Upon becoming a single entity, the new cooperative developed a modest plant in Decatur to satisfy the farmers’ need for fairly priced fertilizer.

Over the years, AFC acquired or built additional facilities. Today, AFC has storage facilities for both liquid and dry fertilizer throughout the areas that it serves.

By the 1940s the Co-op began making feed for local cattle and hog farmers. By the 1950s, they were selling tires, lubricants and tools. In 1957, in order to provide a more direct and ready market for farmers’ grain, AFC added a grain marketing service. AFC now owns or manages granaries all over the state and merchandizes grain for several other facilities.

In 1961, AFC added a merchandising function to its operations. With the purchase of Farmers Marketing and Exchange Stores, customers could now buy home gardening items, automotive products, hardware and other home needs. Today there are nearly eighty Quality Co-op stores in the system serving the needs of farmers, gardeners and homeowners.



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