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Barton Springs Pool is a recreational outdoor swimming pool that is filled entirely with water from nearby natural springs. It is located on the grounds of Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The pool exists within the channel of Barton Creek and utilizes water from Main Barton Spring, the fourth largest spring in Texas. The pool is a popular venue for year-round swimming, as its temperature hovers between about 68 °F and 74 °F year round.

The pool is usually open to the public from 5:00am to 10:00pm, Friday through Wednesday. During this time, the floodgates on the pool's dam are closed, and Main Barton Spring fills the pool to a maximum depth of more than 18 feet. At the upper end of the pool, another dam prevents surface water from Barton Creek from entering the pool by diverting it through a tunnel under the sidewalks.

Although admission to the pool is free from November through mid March, from mid March to October a small fee ($1 to $8 for residents of Austin) is charged for entry after 8:00am. Every evening after 9:00pm during the charging season, admission is free until closing. Summer passes, valid from Memorial Day to Labor Day, are also available.

More details can be found on the city website: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/barton-sprin...
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