Case Study - Napa Valley Fair & Fireworks
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Case Study - Napa Valley Fair & Fireworks

Napa County Fair & Fireworks Sees Explosive Ticketing Growth

Saffire works with many different events, venues and destinations of varying sizes. One of the best things about Saffire is that regardless of the size of your event, our integrated website & ticketing software can make a big difference!

The Napa Valley is known for its world-class wine and as the main wine-growing region in the United States. Our client Celebrate Napa Valley also hosts several events a year, including Napa County Fair and Fireworks. With attendance of around 6,000, this is one of the smaller fairs we have partner with. However, they continue to see growth in attendance year after year.

Since Celebrate Napa Valley started working with Saffire in 2012, the yearly attendance for their fair has grown at a rate of 6% per year. They have utilized Saffire’s integrated ticketing platform to sell their tickets online as well.

From 2015 to 2016, their online sales increased by over 25%; then, in 2017, their online sales increased again, this time by 96%!

We love hearing how Saffire helps our clients increase their revenue. Is your event next? What are you waiting for?

We love our websites and now we love our ticketing, too! Online sales have greatly improved year over year with a 25% increase the first year and a 96% increase in 2017! Our customers found it much easier to purchase directly from our website with no issues. It was so easy...from setup for our employees to use by our customers, we couldn't be more pleased.

Carlene Moore, Chief Executive Officer
Napa County Fair Association

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