Case Study - National Cherry Festival
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Case Study - National Cherry Festival

National Cherry Festival Sees Huge Growth in Sales with SaffireTix

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI is a favorite for many festival attendees. What’s not to love about “everything cherries”? Over 500,000 people who attend annually agree that it’s the place to spend the beginning of July. This event has advance sales in the bag — they do over 75% of ticket sales online before they open their gates! How do they do it?

First, they offer price incentives for attendees to buy online. Those who want to purchase tickets by phone can do so, however there is a fee associated. Additionally, attendees who buy tickets at the last minute pay a higher price.

This year, The National Cherry Festival partnered with SaffireTix to make it even easier for customers to buy online with ticket sales completely integrated in their website. “With Saffire, our attendees never leave the site to purchase tickets,” said festival organizer Jessica Hodges. “This creates a fantastic user experience.” Fewer clicks without an external ticket portal has paid off — The National Cherry Festival saw ticket sales increase by 16% when they switched to SaffireTix!

By launching a completely integrated website & ticketing system, the festival incentivized online sales, saving them thousands of dollars in manpower and equipment, all while increasing the total number of tickets sold. Saffire is proud to be the “cherry on top” to such a successful festival!

The SaffireTix software integrates seamlessly with our website, which increased the number of tickets we sold by 16%! Additionally, both the admin ticket software and the website platform are simple to use for our staff, from creating pages to scheduling products for sale. Finally, the staff at Saffire is amazing. They are always willing to jump in where needed, providing additional training, and working on location during our event. Thank you, Saffire!

Jessica Hodges
National Cherry Festival

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