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The Dirt: At Your Service!

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Digital Marketing Newsletter

Saffire - Websites & Ticketing in a Simple, Integrated Platform

At Your Service!

What constitutes “good service” is changing. The Internet has made self-service very attractive by allowing you to do almost anything from your couch. But what if you need to do something just a little out of your comfort zone? Like build a website or sell your own event tickets? Is pure self-service the way to go? Check out Saffire's story on how we are always At Your Service yet empower you to be a website and ticketing pro!

In the News

Learn about these 3 Instagram Policies marketers often overlook. Does your Facebook Messenger inbox get flooded during an event? Learn how this common problem is being addressed by Chatbots. As festival goers descend on the Nevada desert and your social media feeds begin filling up with the festival's impressive visual content, remember what Burning Man teaches us about marketing.

SaffireTix Events on Deck

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients who are experiencing the power of SaffireTix! Visit their sites, buy your tickets and get ready for some fun! Check out the Williamson County Fair, Dawson County Fair, Jeffco Fair & Festival, Pierce County Fair, Leinenkugel's 150th Anniversary Celebration, Fallon County Fair and more!

Upcoming Conferences

Wheel of Crap? Check. Blue booth backdrops? Check. Awesome Websites & Ticketing? CHECK! You know it, the Saffire Team is on the move again, heading from one convention to the next. Over the next few months, you can see us at TACVB, Florida Governor's Conference on Tourism, IFEA and DMA West Education Summit.

From the Launch Pad

Summer is coming to an end which means we have some awesome new clients with new websites for this year's fair! Be sure to check out these brand new fair websites: Madera District Fair, Douglas County Fair, Washington County Fair and Josephine County Fair!

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