Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks
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Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

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Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

Facebook has made interacting with your customers extremely easy through Facebook Messenger. But, as you're aware, those messages can become overwhelming during your busy season. Not to worry, though, Saffire has put together a few tips and tricks to help keep your Facebook Messenger inbox clean, organized and responsive!

In the News

Learn about a new feature that Snapchat is working on for marketers of hotels, restaurants, activity operators and other points of interest. Find out which five technologies are changing marketing forever. As our phones are constantly buzzing with "breaking news" about current events, learn what marketing should look like in the age of anxiety.

SaffireTix Events on Deck

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients who are experiencing the power of SaffireTix! Visit their sites, buy your tickets and get ready for some fun! Check out the Brazos Valley Fair & Rodeo, State Fair of Louisiana, Flatonia Czhilispiel, Desert Empire Fair and more!

Upcoming Conferences

Wheel of Crap? Check. Blue booth backdrops? Check. Awesome Websites & Ticketing? CHECK! You know it, the Saffire Team is on the move again, heading from one convention to the next. We are currently having a blast at WSFA! Over the next few weeks, you can see us at OFA, RMAF, CAFE, VA - 1 Tourism Summit and IAFE!

From the Launch Pad

Check out our awesome new clients with brand new and beautiful websites! Visit their new sites here: Desert Empire Fair, Cabarrus Arena SMG, Georgia International Horse Park, and Topeka Performing Arts Center.

Saffire Summit 2018

Saffire Summit 2018 will be May 8-11, 2018 in Austin, Texas and we couldn't be more excited to host you. Join us for three and a half days of expert presentations, breakouts and more! The conference is geared towards event, venue & destination professionals who want to take their online marketing to the next level! Check out the Saffire Summit website for more detailed info.

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