A Conversation With Karen Purves
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A Conversation With Karen Purves


Karen Purves, M.A. is an international speaker and owner of Innovative Impact with particular expertise in how language affects emotions. Karen knows how to connect with audiences as few others can. In mathematical form, Karen could be = Energizer® Bunny® + Tina Fey + Wikipedia.

In addition to being described as “one of the best” or “favorite” speakers of entire conferences dozens of times, other attendee comments include: “Refreshingly honest”, “contagiously enthusiastic”, “attention grabber and keeper”, “breath of fresh air” and giving “real answers to real life”.

Karen combines a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Master’s Degree in Environmental Public Policy and over 20 years business experience along with extensive training at “The Second City” to leave audiences feeling energized, inspired and empowered. Karen also has the rare distinction of being a 3-time game show winner!

Throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia - from Fortune 100 companies to associations and government - Karen guarantees that attendees of her conferences will receive useful material in an engaging way and practical tools to implement immediately!

No need to travel: just plug in and join Kendra Wright in a fascinating conversation with Karen about the little things that make a BIG difference in the ways we communicate. Be prepared to hit the pause button to take notes!

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Key Episode Moments: 

4:14 – What is “Interpersonal neurobiology” and how can you and your business benefit from the research that Karen has done in this discipline?

5:40 – What word “should” you never say? Find out what it is, why, and discover better alternatives.

9:25 – There is another word to remove from our vocabularies! Find out what it is, “why” you shouldn’t use it and what you can say instead!

14:55 – Karen talks about a crucial quality that makes a great leader and how it can be learned.

18:45 – Learn the importance of using different linguistic tools to inspire people because different genders and personalities respond better to certain approaches.

22:45 – Be prepared to take notes as Karen details how to make your email communications much more effective. You really will want to do this!

48:30 – What is so important about the words “rave reviews?”

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