The Dirt:Seven Tips to up your Ratings Online!

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The Dirt: Seven Tips to up your Ratings Online!

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Seven Tips to up your Ratings Online!

Are you concerned about what is being posted about the organization that you represent? If not, you should be! With every incident being recorded and shared across social media, a brand’s reputation can be tarnished very quickly. Just ask United Airlines! In today’s digital world where photos, social media and news stories are everlasting, upholding your reputation online is more important than ever. Check out our 7 tips to improve your online ratings and reviews by clicking the link below.

In the News

Been keeping up with the continuing Fyre Festival drama? Check out what industry insiders had to say about the failed festival here. You might double and triple check your email blast before you press send but eventually a mistake will slip through. Check out How to Recover from Email Fails. Also, read about how Alaska Crosses Historic Tourism Threshold Without State Marketing Help.

SaffireTix Events on Deck

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients who are experiencing the power SaffireTix! Visit their site, buy your tickets and get ready for some fun! Like beer and helping those in need? Then check out The House that Beer Built that supports the North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity! Also, check out the Tomah Tractor Pull, Silver Spurs Rodeo, Austin County Fair - Summer Music Fest and more!

Upcoming Conferences

Wheel of Crap? Check. Blue booth backdrops? Check. Awesome Websites & Ticketing? CHECK! You know it, the Saffire Team is on the move again, heading from one convention to the next. Over the next few months, you can see us at the Missouri Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus Annual Conference, the Event & Arena Marketing Conference, TTIA Tourism College, and DMAI's 2017 Annual Convention!

From the Launch Pad

We raise our glass to our client, Wine & Food Week on a delicious new website! Be sure to check out the colorful new design from our friends in Minnesota at the Norman County Fair! Then head further north to the great State of Alaska and check out striking new design for the Sullivan Arena! Also, checkout the majestic redwoods on the freshly redesigned site, at Redwood Acres.

Saffire Welcomes Amy Pelzl

The Saffire Team is so proud to announce our newest team member! Amy Pelzl is the latest star to rock the Saffire Blue, and as Director of Ticketing Partnerships, she’ll be spreading even more Saffire love across the United States! Amy brings 33 years of ticketing experience to Saffire. Be sure to ask her how she can help YOU elevate your ticketing online!

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