A Conversation with Ali Putnam
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A Conversation with Ali Putnam

Ali Putnam currently works as Media and Community Relations Manager for Circuit of the Americas, the purpose-built Formula 1 facility in Austin, Texas. Ali manages public relations for the Circuit, works directly with the media and maintains relationships with the local community and nonprofit groups. She has been involved in the PR and political aspects of the project since its announcement in the Spring of 2010.

Prior to working for Circuit of the Americas, Ali worked for a local political consulting firm 3 Point Partners as an account executive. She gained experience working with clients ranging from local nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies to achieve their communication goals and navigate the local political climate.

Ali has enjoyed being involved in local mentoring programs, including Austin Partners in Education and Troop 1500, which led her to serve as Co-Chair of the AYC Community Committee. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Texas.
In this episode, Ali gives a sneak peek into one of the hottest new venues in the country, Circuit of The Americas, or COTA, in Austin, Texas. COTA is more than a racetrack – it is the only purpose-built facility in the U.S. to host the FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™ through 2021 and V8 SUPERCARS from 2013-2018. It is also home to the Austin360 Amphitheater, hosting world-class concerts and other spectacular shows. Join us as Ali talks about this brand-new venue, how it immediately became a destination for fans all over the world, and what she and her team do to keep it all running smoothly!
Key Moments:

1. 6:37 - Are there synergies to having a music venue located within a Formula 1 racetrack?
2. 7:38 – Moto GP is a unique sport showcased at COTA – find out what it is and why Ali thinks it is the most impressive event hosted on the COTA track!
3. 9:20 - With 200 media personnel at most events and 400 for Formula 1, Ali shares her mantra for keeping it all running smoothly!
4. 13:50 - What do food trucks have to do with Formula 1? Probably not much…unless you are at COTA – find out why!
5. 15:25 – Are music fans the same people as race fans? They can be if you know how to reach them and capture their attention!
6. 16:58 Find out what the challenges are when you have an outdoor venue spanning 1000 acres of land.
7. 18:20 Learn a very simple programming trick to enhance revenue and keep traffic (yes, literal automobile traffic) flowing smoothly!
8. 20:15 Discover the latest in maximization of digital channels and social media outlets from this state-of-the-art venue.
9. 21:40 Ali reveals how this immense and corporate-type venue has found ways give back and be a part of the local community. 
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