NILE - Northern International Livestock Exposition and Rodeo
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NILE - Northern International Livestock Exposition and Rodeo

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"Saffire has been a great choice for us for the two websites that we manage. It's an easy to use system that is dynamic and customizable. They do a great job of listening to our requests and making the adjustments that we need. When we asked them to make some of the pages different and stand out, they did it and the results were awesome. We have great websites now that help us communicate to our audience—an important key in our operation. Thanks, Saffire!

McCall Linke
Equine Programs & Communications Director, The NILE and MATE Show"
We're not just a stock show and rodeo. Sure, it is a proud, big part of our organization but we can also clean up quite nicely! High heels and hats get dusted off for Stetsons and Stilettos, our annual fundraiser. It actually falls under the jurisdiction of the NILE Foundation, a separate organization that has a different tax ID that allows us to have an endowment fund and accepts donations more effectively. The NILE Foundation has its own board of directors, and its own bank account where the scholarship money comes from. Did you know we also give away FREE heifers?! That’s right, 100% no-money, free heifers are given to approximately 20 kids through our Merit Heifer Program. Starting out in Agriculture can be tough, but we must involve the next generation. This is one way that we meet our mission. We facilitate getting young farmers and ranchers a head start in the cattle industry. We're a year-round organization, yes our biggest event is in the Fall, but trust us, we're busy all twelve months.



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