Welcome Greeley Stampede!



We are thrilled to welcome Greeley Stampede of Greeley, Colorado to the #SaffireMovement! We were thrilled to hear from their team that they were ready for a new look for this 4th of July rodeo! With the mission “to celebrate our nation’s independence and preserve our western heritage,” this event has grown into an internationally acclaimed festival attracting over 250,000 people annually from across the world! Funny story, the stampede was started to honor local potato farmers and was originally called “Greeley Spud Rodeo.” Fun longhorn mascots, Bucky & Bertha, keep fans on their toes at the stampede while a true herd of longhorns is guided down the parade route each year during one of the country’s largest Independence Day parades. We look forward to helping this event grow larger each year as they continue to celebrate the nation and western heritage!

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