Make Your Site Easy To Navigate

I recently set off on a road trip only knowing the general direction I was headed, but not the slightest idea where I was going once I got off the highway.  But I wasn’t worried, I had my trusty GPS riding shotgun.

Our culture depends so heavily on others telling us where to go and what to do, if we are left to find our own way we are startled and confused.  And maybe even appalled at the “low level of customer service.”

Imagine if you were in a mall and you stopped an employee to ask for a map so you could find your favorite store and he simply looked at you and said, “You’re on your own kid.”  You would be left to aimlessly wander around trying to find Dillard’s.  Now if it were me, I’d say “Forget it!” and find another place to shop that seemed to actually care that I found my way.

The same goes for your website.  If a customer arrives and can’t find the piece of information they are looking for, they may throw their hands up and quit.

The navigation of your site is key. You need to take time to think about how your customers will look for information and cater to them.  You will have some very happy customers if you simply  give them site navigation that makes sense and allows your visitors the ability to quickly and easily find the event information they need.

We all know your event information is intricate, so make it accessible, highly filterable and easy to sort. A great website provides visitors with a tailored user experience, allowing customers to search and browse as they see fit.

So take the time to plan out your website’s navigation the same way you plan out the schedule of events for your fair, festival or rodeo.  Use logic and you can’t go wrong.

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