Help Customers Easily Find Your Site

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how attractive or user-friendly your website is if your customers can’t find you online!

So let’s start by thinking about how you find things on the web.   If you’re looking for a specifc product of event, I’m sure your first step is to go to Google or another search engine.

You type in a simple description of what you’re looking for and gets hundreds, sometimes thousands, of results.

Then you  sift through the results to find what you were looking for.  Sometimes you even feel like Google read your mind and gave you what you were looking for even though the description you entered wasn’t exactly right.

Using a search engine has become so second nature, we often don’t  take time to think how Google works and finds the results we’re looking for.

So for your event website, I’m sure your goal is to be the first result a search engine pulls up so your customers find you quickly.  But in order for your customers to find you quickly, search engines have to find you first.

And that is where SEO comes in.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is incorporating key words and phrases customers use to find your site into both content and HTML.  By incorporating these key words and phrases, a search engine will quickly scan your website and associate it with the terms you use most.

This way, when a customer searches for “Austin Rodeo”, our website for Rodeo Austin will be the first result to appear because those terms appear over and over again on their site.

So as you are writing the content for your website, think like your customer. What words and phrases would you use to find your event website?

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