Stay Organized with Trello


Are you having trouble staying organized? Is your wall calendar just not keeping up in the digital world? Here at Saffire, we’ve started using Trello to stay organized! Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in the process.

Trello uses “cards” which contain each of your tasks or ideas. In each card, you can add members, labels, checklists, any attachments and even a due date. Each card is filed under a list and can be easily moved from list to list. For example, you can have a “to do” list, “overdue” list and a “completed list” and easily move the cards to their appropriate list. Cards and lists are then housed under boards in order to stay organized and keep your projects separate. You can also add an unlimited number of members to a Trello board in order for multiple people to collaborate.

Trello boards can be extremely effective as both a meeting agenda and task tool. We use trello boards to list out our agenda in cards. Then, we take notes under each agenda item, assign a task to someone and put a due date on that action item.



Another great way to utilize Trello is to place your marketing editorial calendar into a board. You can switch to a calendar view and anyone on your team can see what posts, emails or content is scheduled to be published so your team can plan accordingly, whether that means graphic design or preparing copy for social media.



For our event planners, this can be an extremely powerful tool to help keep your event prep work organized. Tasks can easily be seen by your team such as when tickets go on sale or entertainment announcements are made. As we all know, plans can drastically change and Trello makes changes easy! Simply drag & drop a card onto a new date on the calendar and the due date will update automatically.



There are endless uses for this powerful tool! Let us know if you use Trello and how you use it!






The Three P’s to Gaining Sponsorship

Earning the Digital Sponsorship Dollar (& Keeping It!)

Do you know what businesses and organizations are spending in sponsor dollars these days? Do you know what it would take for YOU to see some of those dollars? The fact is, sponsorship continues to rise! The amount of revenue is growing, but the problem is the people who are getting that money are receiving less. More money is being spent, but it’s being distributed between fewer and fewer people.

“The sponsorship pie is growing, but being cut into fewer pieces.” – The largest slices are reserved for properties that can meet the high standards required by a new breed of corporate partner. These are the people who ask for SMARTER partnerships.  Once again, the growth rate for sponsorship spending will surpass outlays for traditional advertising in North America. Projection for spending in 2015 is $21.5 billion!

At Saffire, we believe in the Three P’s to gaining sponsorship – Prepare, Personalize, & Provide. Preparing to work with sponsors in a digital age, Personalizing by coming up with creative ideas to market to your sponsors so they will want to partner with you and Providing them with results they need so they will want to work with you again.

Prepare to Partner with Sponsors

Consider yourself a salesperson because sponsorship is sales! Start early in the year, network, do your research, and understand your value! Be smart about what you’re offering your potential sponsor. Basic research before you meet with them is HUGE. Finding the right fit for your company can be a little tricky, but you’ll want to look for “natural fits” by things like: customers, products, geography, past sponsorship experiences and people who work there. Make it clear to them that you’re taking their partnerships seriously and you’ll do whatever it takes to gain their trust! Things like adding a logo to your site at the time of the sponsor meeting can make all the difference. How can you use your sponsors that will be the best partnership for everyone? Sometimes you’re paying them, using their product and they’re giving you sponsorship dollars. Find things you can do to support your sponsor’s business. Saffire’s tip is “People will find a way to work with people they like”. Leaving a good impression and creating bonds with people goes a long way.

Personalize your Packages tailored for each Sponsor

It’s important to make your sponsors feel special. A good rule of thumb with sponsorship packages is to give more than what they’re expecting. This will make them feel special, which will go the extra mile when your event comes around again and they are considering who to partner with. In order to do this, it’s essential to know the most basic components of your organization, which can be provided as benefits to sponsors. You can add value by offering year-round marketing, hospitality, and onsite event promotion

Put sponsors on your online! Create emails, social media shout outs, online advertisements or consider naming the event after your Sponsor. You can also have a dedicated Sponsors page on your website that features your list of sponsors. If you’re looking to get a new website and don’t have quite enough funding for it, this is a fantastic way to get it! Most digital marketing doesn’t cost you anything but time and effort. Give your sponsors space on your YouTube channel, add sponsor logos to print-at-home tickets or name your entire event after a sponsor.  Other ways you can feature your sponsors offline are by creating sponsored charging stations on the event grounds, photo booths with sponsors or utilizing their services on fairgrounds.

Provide Measurable Results

Sponsors like data. Sponsors have to have that data to justify why they’re giving you so much money year after year. The best ways to show sponsor ROI are Google Analytics & Audience Survey. Audience Surveys assist and measure ROI, show recognition, attitude and the image you’re showing. Google Analytics is great, but it can be really hard to narrow down once you get it set up. Everyone should be able to get this data from your website. Show sponsors things like Total visits, Audience overview, visits on the Sponsors page of your website, engagement and clicks to leverage ideas for more success in the future.

We believe that the Three P’s – Prepare, Personalize and Provide will help you gain sponsorship (and keep it!).


Finally, Facebook’s new secret tool is finally out!

Facebook recently announced the launch of Business Manager, a tool that helps brands, app developers and agencies manage accounts, Pages, apps and permissions all in one platform.


Business Manager simplifies Facebook advertising efforts by integrating all aspects of Facebook marketing into one easy-to-use tool. This is useful for users who manage their own marketing or on behalf of a brand. For example, if the user is part of an in-house marketing team or their own personal business.

This tool also takes Facebook to a more professional level, since it separates personal from business experience. While people can use a personal email and login to access ad accounts and Pages for management, you won’t need to friend other team members at work just to collaborate. Business Manager allows you to also get notifications using a work email instead of personal address. BONUS: You wont need to switch from your personal account to “use as page” whenever you need to work on your ad campaigns.


1. View Pages, ad accounts, apps and permissions linked to your brand

2. Add people on your team who can access campaign assets and collaborate on tasks.

3. Manage external partners, like agencies or Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), that are integrated to your Pages, ad accounts and apps

4. For professional advertisers, you can organize all of your clients’ Pages, ad accounts and apps permissions, as well as collaboration permissions.

45. With Business Manager, you’re in total control of all aspects of your Facebook business advertising. You can add, delete and manage ad campaign accounts linked to your business

As well as add or remove permissions to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, apps and Pages.

The tool is very intuitive and designed to help users without a technical background work efficiently. With just a few clicks, it reduces time spent on setting up and managing pages in addition to campaigns. Team members and partners can easily view and organize what’s going on behind the scenes of a Facebook account. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out the tool for yourself to see if your business can benefits from features.

Right now Business Manager is only available to select users in the US. Facebook plans for a full roll-out internationally over the next couple of weeks.

To learn more or to get started, you can visit

So what do you think? Will you use Business Manager? Do you have access to Facebook Business Manager yet?
Leave a comment below!

* Images from Facebook for Business


Saffire would like to thank Jen Smith with Jen Smith Social for this great guest blog!