Saffire Version 2.6 has arrived

Here at Saffire we love that we get to continue to develop our software per our clients’ requests. Our latest update has some pretty awesome features that we were thrilled to put on our clients’ websites this week. Here are some of the highlights of our latest release:

  • Multi-image upload made faster – now you can quickly populate an entire photo gallery or specific module on a dynamic page all at once!
  • Free-form price field – donations, dollar amounts unique for each customer? No problem, any item for sale, event, or form will increase your revenue and allow your customer to fill in their own dollar amount while you control the price range.
  • BUY NOW buttons EVERYWHERE! Catch your customer from the get-go with a call to action button anywhere an item is for sale, even multiple places on the homepage.
  • Even more specific tracking on your website. We’ve added Google Analytics to your Sponsors regardless of homepage, event page, or dynamic page so you can report to your sponsors the specific reach your website has given them!
  • Enhanced LIVE reporting. Check the status of your ticket redemption and online sales as they happen in real-time. Having a head’s up on attendance will help you prepare for a successful event!

Of course we had a TON of other behind the scenes updates to make things work better, faster, and smoother, but adding these 5¬†key¬†ingredients to our clients’ online mix will really help them to generate sales, attendance and most importantly INCREASE SANITY!

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