Saffire Updates: Version 2.1

We are excited to bring you Saffire 2.1! You will find that this release makes your site even easier for you to use, as well as provides an enriched viewing experience for your customers. Read about the awesome new features listed below!

New Features

  1. Your interactive event schedule will now have a completely new look to enrich your customers’ browsing experience. It will contain the same great functionality before, but now:
    1. The schedule will be divided by events per day.
    2. The schedule can be filtered to easily display color-coordinated categories that display in the grid.
    3. The hover and quick view features now include even more “quick view” information.

If you missed our interactive event schedule webinar, we strongly recommend you watch the video linked here to learn more about the new interactive event schedule format.
Watch this video to learn more!

  1. With Saffire version 2.1, your homepage will now be rendered without Adobe Flash. Your page will be displayed in a newer format called jquery! Now your homepage can now be viewed the same on devices regardless of whether they support Flash, including iPads! Due to the complexity of this change, we will be scheduling clients on a more individual basis to actually make the conversion. Keep an eye out for important communication from us regarding this shift!
  2. Our ShoWorks integration is now even tighter! After saving your final results, simply click the “Publish on Saffire” button within ShoWorks, select the event for which you want to display the results, and they will immediately show on your Saffire site.
    Watch this video to learn more!

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