Saffire Updates: Version 1.9

We are so excited to tell you about the great new features in Saffire Version 1.9! This release contains the number one requested item from our last client survey—Mobile Texting! Read about this and the other great features below.

SaffireMail™ Enhancements

Attention all Saffire Clients—If you’re not sending mass marketing emails to your customers, or if you’re looking for an easier or more cost-effective solution, you should consider SaffireMail™!

Check out the newly rebranded and upgraded SaffireMail™, available right from your dashboard so you can stay connected to your email list by clicking SaffireMail™ under Quick Links on your Admin Dashboard.

We are also excited to bring you new pricing for SaffireMail™. We have reduced the fees for our monthly service by up to 30%.  Our goal is to make it efficient and cost effective to email your customers so you can continue to grow your event. Check out the pricing structure here!

Watch this video to learn more! (Part 1)
Watch this video to learn more! (Part 2)

New Features

  1. With the increase in the popularity of texting, especially among the younger crowd, we want you to have the opportunity to reach your customers where they already are – on their cell phones! Saffire is proud to announce that we now offer SaffireText™, so you can manage mobile phone numbers and easily send text messages to your customer base.
    Watch this video to learn more!
  2. You can now add Pinterest and YouTube icons to your homepage! This request from several customers will help you take advantage of all the great marketing opportunities created through different social media outlets. You can even reorder all four of your social media options, including Facebook and Twitter, by clicking on “Social Media” under the News heading on your Admin Dashboard.
    Watch this video to learn more!
  3. There is also a new “Pin It” button on each of your photos in your event photo gallery! As your customers go browse enlarged photos, the “Pin It” button appears next to the Facebook and Twitter buttons, giving your customers another way to share your photos and interact with your event.
  4.  Saffire now has included specific HTML in your site to enhance Google’s recognition of your event pages. We admit this is super geeky, but trust us that we’re doing everything we can so your event is optimized for Google!

Mobile Enhancements

We know that nothing sells an event like photos, and since your mobile effort is a big part of your marketing strategy, we have enhanced photo viewing on mobile! Now, every photo in your homepage features section will be shown on the homepage of the mobile site (not just the first one). Your customers will see arrows on either side of the photo so they can easily click back and forth between your images.
Watch this video to learn more!

Member Site Enhancements

You are now able to upload Word Documents and Excel Documents to your Member site module! This will give you the ability to reach your members with the information they need.

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