Saffire Stats: 2013 IN REVIEW


We were blessed to have a wonderful 2013! We wanted to share some of the exciting numbers we found for our clients as well as a few fun stats we had from the year!

The most exciting number we found was that over 4.7 million people visited a Saffire website in 2013. From small associations, to venues, to 1 million person events, each of our clients contributed to this number and we are thrilled that the Saffire platform provided their customer with a welcoming online destination. These visitors viewed over 26.2 million pages on our sites and 40% of these visitors came to a Saffire site on their mobile device or tablet (now you know why we constantly teach about the importance of mobile)!

Also in 2013 we gained 58 NEW clients while launching 59 new Saffire websites! Considering we ending 2012 with just 46 clients on our roster we are honored to now have 104 clients in the Saffire family! Finally, you may have seen us in your state or out of state at an association meeting, conference, or trade show and that’s because we attended 16 conventions, more than one per month! Now that is a lot of travelling, but what’s even more interesting is that we believe we made at least 20 crock pots of Saffire queso last year, YUM!

Again, we can’t believe the success we experienced in 2013 but can’t wait to see the continued growth of Saffire and the Saffire family in 2014!


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