Our World Famous Cotton Candy Cocktail

When we decided to host a happy hour at the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas, we knew one thing was a must: a cotton candy cocktail.  After a quick search online, we realized there were hundreds of recipes, so the only solution was to have a cotton candy cocktail tasting.

Each of the team members in the Austin office found a recipe that sounded delicious, and we got together for dinner and a tasting one evening after work.

Several rounds of very pink cocktails later, we took a little bit of this recipe and a little bit of that recipe to create the cocktail you’ve all come to love.

At our parties at IAFE and TAF&E, we had several requests for our recipe, so here it is!  Please watch this video as our resident bartender, Jessica, teaches you how to make your very own cotton candy cocktail.


One part Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka
One part cranberry juice cocktail
A splash of orange juice
A large poof of cotton candy

And remember to upload photos of your staff enjoying a cotton candy cocktail to our Facebook wall.  The best photo will win a cotton candy machine, so be creative!

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