Move Confidently into Contactless Ticketing

Saffire has always encouraged our clients to sell more tickets in advance and avoid long cash transaction lines at their events, and now we’re taking it to the next level! We’ve brainstormed with our current clients, met with technology partners and challenged our own team to come up with ways we can help Saffire clients #stopthespread of Covid-19.

Lots of events have made the hard decision to cancel in 2020, but events scheduled later in the year are moving forward with planning. We’re as excited as anyone for these summer and fall events to happen, but we know there will be a “new normal” in terms of safety and customer care. We’re going contactless, and we’re encouraging you to join us!

Here is how Saffire is promoting safety for you and your customers when your event happens in 2020 or makes its glorious comeback in 2021:

No-Touch Selling with BlastPass

With Saffire’s RFID system BlastPass, you can set up your entire event for contactless payments, including food, rides and games. BlastPass is a cashless RFID wristband or card that acts as an electronic wallet for your guests to make purchases while at your event, eliminating the person-to-person contact required when exchanging cash or tokens. BlastPass can also grant guest access to specified entrances or areas, manage alcohol service and more. What’s even better—BlastPass doesn’t require an internet connection to continue selling!

Increase Online Sales with SaffireTix to Reduce Cash Lines

Advance online purchasing means less cash exchanging hands at the gates between huge groups of people. Our team excels at helping with the advance planning and early communication needed to shift your sales to online. In this time of social distancing, customers understand the safety advantage of buying online and avoiding contact.

The goal is to have customers show up with a ticket in hand to limit all forms of contact “out of the gates” (or in this case IN TO the gates!) Better yet, Saffire’s sales team will help you manage the costs related to this service to stay in line with your budget!

No-Touch Scanning With SaffireTix

SaffireTix is the most mobile ticketing technology in the industry. You can allow customers to scan their own print-at-home or mobile tickets using an iOS device, without a staff member or volunteer ever touching a ticket.

SaffireTix iOS scanners can be placed in self-serving stands, and a staff member or ticket monitor can watch all scans from a safe distance..

SaffireTix Can Help Meet Evolving Social Distancing Policies

From manageable reserved seating maps that help block off designated seats to tracking live attendance numbers for your venue’s capacity, SaffireTix can help you create a safer experience for your events and attendees.

Are You Ready to Embrace the New Normal?

Moving forward with your event in an era of new rules and regulations can be scary. Thankfully we live in a time when technology can take some of the stress out of logistical requirements. Advance planning and preparedness is key.

Contact us today to see how Saffire can help you confidently go contactless!

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