Is Email Dead?

When you hear that 188 billion email messages are sent each day, you may think the title of this post seems a little silly.  But the truth is, this is a topic of conversation among online marketers every day.

People are obviously still using email, so that is not the problem.   The question is: can your customers filter through the massive amounts of messages they receive to take action?  You’ll hear different opinions on this, but we believe email is worth the effort.

We think the image below proves email is still an important part of your marketing mix.  The spikes you see are increases in online sales on days when a company sends an email.  We often compare the increase in web traffic and sales after an email send to a heart monitor, and you really can’t argue with dramatic statistics like that.

A great example of an event that takes advantage of email marketing to drive ticket sales is Rodeo Austin.  In the email below, you’ll see that they sent a visually appealing email on the day they announced their 2012 concert line-up.  They created a sense of excitement for their customers, and it made an impact on their ticket sales. 

When we look back at our clients over the years, the most successful ones have a clear common denominator: they regularly communicate with their customers via email.  This keeps your event fresh in the customer’s mind and keeps them coming to your website to learn the latest information.

So, is email dead?  We don’t think so…as long as you’re doing it the right way.

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