Inspiring Ideas From Our Saffire Family

We are now a full month into living within our “new normal.” We are staying indoors, limiting our human interaction and applying hand sanitizer like it’s our part-time job.


If you’re like us, you may have had an influx of creative ideas and ways to re-strategize your marketing efforts at the beginning of the pandemic, but the more time passes, and the reality sets in that most of us will be staying quarantined for the foreseeable future, you might need some inspiration on how to continue to engage your customers & community without adding to all the noise.


Our Saffire Family continues to impress us with their efforts to engage, entertain, and support their physical and virtual communities. Check out the examples below to get inspired!



Van Andel Creates Fun Interactivity

A spin-off of the trending meme, “Choose Your Quarantine House”, Van Andel Arena creates a “Choose Your Quarantine Concert” meme, where people can comment on which concert series they’d most like to go to. This post received an overwhelming amount of comments and tags!



Portland Rose Festival Provides Fun Activities for Kids

Portland Rose Festival hosts a live story hour with their festival princesses, coloring book pages and other fun activities for kids on their social media pages. What a great way to engage parents and children while keeping your postponed event top of mind!


COVID-ClayCounty (1)

Clay County Fair Creates a Virtual Fair Experience

A big round of applause to Clay County Fair, who in a matter of days turned their canceled fair into a buzzing online experience! Check out their Facebook page to see more.



Food & Vine Time Productions Hosts a Series of Wine Tasting Experiences 

Food & Vine Time Productions, who organize the popular spring-time event Katy Sip n Stroll, records a series of “Wine Tasting Tours” that their audience can tune in to and follow along!



The Big E Donates Space to Support COVID-19 Testing

The Big E opens its doors to first responders to use the fairgrounds as a COVID-19 testing spot. What an awesome way to utilize your resources at this time!



Swiftel Center Joins #aworldofhearts Movement in Solidarity with Their Community

#aworldofhearts movement has inspired thousands of folks to draw or paint hearts in their windows to send a message of love & hope to their neighbor during this time! The Swiftel Center joined in with an amazing display to show their love and support.

What do you think? Inspired? We hope so!

As always, the Saffire Team is here to support you and your organization in any way we can. Please reach out if you need any help with your website or marketing during this time!

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